Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Full Circle: Part 2

by Sanchia

Here's the second part of my Full Circle report, covering the final four items! If you haven't read the first part yet, you can find it here

Item number five is the "Monaco blazer dress":
Monaco blazer dress, £80

This is easily my favourite of the eight items I picked! It's sophisticated, with a flattering cut, and made in perennial black – an absolute classic, and perfect for AW 10/11. I just know this is going to stay in my wardrobe for years, and I can see myself wearing it for job interviews and the like; I'm going to hunt for a silk or chiffon blouse to go underneath it and wear it to my school Prizegiving ceremony in Autumn.

Next there's the "Lola shades oversize t-shirt":
Lola shades oversize t-shirt, £50

Out of everything I chose, this was the most similar to the clothes already in my wardrobe (I have a massive weak spot for printed tees!). Like the white sequin tee from my first post, it's got padded shoulders and is made of the same lightweight viscose, so it's completely no-fuss. I wore this to a house party, belted, with grey shorts, grey over-the-knee socks and my yellow, black and grey Kate Kanzier brogues.

Moving on to the "Cellini jersey jumpsuit":
Cellini jersey jumpsuit, £75

I have a playsuit which I've been living in all summer, but this is my first full-length jumpsuit and I absolutely love it! It's got harem-style trousers and a comfy drop waist, so it's safe to wear pretty much anywhere. At first I thought it gave me a really weird silhouette, but if I wear it anywhere with lots of photos involved (like a dinner party or wedding reception) then my black blazer from my previous post will solve any proportion problems. For now, I'm planning on teaming it with my skinny gold belt and some statement earrings, and wearing it to my friend Courtney's 18th birthday out on the town ... get ready, Norwich! :D

Finally, there's my "Linen fringed clutch bag":
Linen fringed clutch bag, £55
I love the design of this, but I don't have anywhere to take it yet! Anybody feel like inviting me to a clutch-worthy event? :P I'm too scared to take it to a club because it's so wide, so I think I'll save it for the aforementioned dinner party/ wedding reception-type event.

All in all, I think I've misjudged Full Circle in the past. Although the collections are definitely aimed at women in their twenties and thirties (judging by the price tags), they do have some really great pieces that are versatile enough to work for 18-year-olds like me. Everything in the shop has classic undertones but with a quirky finish, whether it's in the cut, colour or fabric, and I think that's definitely a unique selling point for them. Give it ten years and I'll probably be heading back!

Love Sanchia xxx

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