Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Style Crush: Karen Gillan

by Sanchia

If you don't know who Karen Gillan is by now, then ask your boyfriend, because I bet that he does! She's the newest redhead to join the Doctor Who cast – although recently I've noticed her acting less and her style sense a lot more:

Thanks to Adoring Karen Gillan for the original photo.

Everytime I look at this outfit, I feel nothing but love! Since this is a red-carpet event, she's gone for metallics with her jacket, skirt and shoes, but by keeping the whole palette neutral she doesn't go overboard on glamour. The barely-there silk top not only looks classy but won't distract you from DVF's beautiful cuts! I also love her hot pink nail and lip colour: it shows that she's not too bothered about clashing with her hair (which I could practically write a whole separate post about – it's such a gorgeous colour).

Here she is again at a slightly lower-profile event, but still looking great:

Thanks to Adoring Karen Gillan for the original photo.

I think the green accents on the scarf and belt look amazing with her red hair in this photo! Again she's gone for a contrasting lip colour to mix it up a bit, and I bet if we could see her nails they'd be hot pink too. The jumpsuit itself is very flattering, with a slightly loose cut and in classic black, and although she's slouching, it's still pretty classy!

According to her interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Karen's style is based on "loads of seventies and sixties kind of stuff. And I really like Alexa Chung's style - she's so effortless and cool and so not-try-hard."

I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one in the future!

Love Sanchia xxx

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  1. she looks great in those outfits!!

    xx theitalianese.com

  2. I'm so loving jumpsuits at the moment!
    If only they looked this good on everyone!!!

  3. wow shes gorgoeus! love your blog too by the way :)

  4. Lisa – definitely! By the way, I check out your blog and I really like it. :) (Just not sure if that link under your comment is correct?)

    Pippa – haha, me too! I just won a jumpsuit through a competition (it's in the post before this one) and I think I might need some Karen tips before I can wear it in public ...

    Amanda – I know, so jealous! And thank you, I'm really happy you like it. :D

    Thanks for the comments! Love Sanchia xxx


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