Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wish Me Luck?

Hey everyone! Tomorrow I have a job interview in Sheffield so I've spent today swotting up and trying to prepare myself, hence the short post. Today I've got some pictures of the only necklaces I ever wear, regardless of occasion or what the rest of my outfit looks like:

Necklaces: New Look, The Clothes Show

The writing says: "I wish that we were making up again" ... because I'm a hopeless romantic!

Necklace: Superdrug

I'm not really a necklace girl so I tend not to buy them unless I see something that really, really blows me away! I did see some more lovely pendants at last year's Clothes Show in Birmingham, but they were somewhat out of my cheapskate budget ...


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  1. Beautiful jewellery! Love your blog - I am following you!

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