Thursday, 9 September 2010

Can't Live Without: Kate Kanzier Cut-Out Brogues

As you read this I will be in Sheffield for my job interview, so prepare yourself for a scheduled (but nonetheless interesting) post!

Remember the Bank Holiday weekend? Seems like an age ago now! That Saturday afternoon I dragged a couple of friends all the way to the Kate Kanzier shoe shop on Leather Lane in London to pick up a certain pair of brogues, only to be told that I was too early by less than a week! Here's what they looked like when I first ordered them:

Brogues: £25, Kate Kanzier

These are truly my go-to shoes: they go with almost everything, and even when they don't they add that "quirky" touch so you can get away with them if you're brave! The leather insides and the uppers are lovely and soft, and don't rub or hurt at all, so they're perfect for long distance walking.

At £25, they are the best value for money I have ever had out of a pair of shoes; I've worn them almost every day (and I mean that) from March to August. In fact, the sole started to come off last week:

Wish me luck in finding a replacement pair now that these ones have finally bitten the bullet – I need them in my life!


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