Tuesday, 10 August 2010

NOTD: Topshop Cloud

Quick NOTD post! I painted my nails with Cloud which is part of the range of Topshop nail varnishes! I love this colour. it's a kind of dusty grey/blue! Although at £5 and the same price as Models Own varnishes, you only get just under half the amount and The brush isn't quite as nice at the MO brushes! However I do love this colour and I only needed one coat to get the coverage in the pictures below! Very impressive!

Base Coat - Models Own
Cloud by Topshop
Plus the bottle is really cute! Have you tried any topshop nail varnishes? What do you think? I'd definately buy again just because they come in such lovely colours on trend colours!

Lots of Love, Millie xxx

P.s. Just seen the post Sanchia did below! Very similar colours! Which do you prefer? Clearly great minds think alike when it comes to what colour to paint ones nails! xx


  1. I love Topshop nail polish (if you cant tell by my blog). I really like the brush though and there colours are unique so its worth the money and i find them really good quality!

  2. I think I prefer cloud from Topshop. They do actually sell amazing colours, I want them all! Lovely blog btw you two :-) x


  3. Haha Millie, we must be psychic! Those Topshop bottles are so beautiful, and I can't believe you only need one coat! :O
    Love Sanchia xxx

  4. i tried a glittery black colour called 'gypsy night'...beautiful colour, and its something a bit different that i haven't seen in other ranges, but i needed lots of coats
    great blog!

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