Sunday, 8 August 2010

Muffins & MUA

Sorry for the rubbish post on Saturday – I wasn't really fit to do anything except sleep and drink about a million litres of water! As a result, I've spent most of today making comfort food.

Muffins, anyone?


But don't worry, none of those night-time shenanigans again until results day (eeek!), so on to today's post ...

On my travels round the blogosphere, I stumbled across this post by the fabulous Alexandra about Superdrug's Make-Up Academy range. Her swatches looked almost too good to be true, so when I accidentally found myself there on Friday (see this post for a complete lack of an explanation – more like confessions of a shopaholic) I had to pick a couple up!

I went for a gorgeous deep purple, Shade 13 Pearl, and a dark brown, Shade 19 Matt. I've swatched them twice each on my wrist, first with a dry brush and then with a wet brush, so you can see the difference:


The purple has the slightest shimmer, which I think would work for both day and night, and it's dark enough to create a great smoky eye. The brown took a lot of building up to get the colour you see in the photo, but the plus side for me is that it's subtle enough to use as contouring powder (which is really hard to find for my skin tone)!

As far as consistency and application go, I've definitely used better shadows, but these have a staying power of about 6 hours over foundation – and with such a wide range of colours all at a ridiculous £1 each, I'll definitely be stocking up on these in the future!

Love Sanchia xxx


  1. Love those beauty posts. Make-up is just as important as fashion, don't you think? xx

  2. That looks very good for a quid! I might have to go and take a look as it's probably the only makeup I can afford right now :(

  3. Annabel, have to agree there! I've been doing a hell of a lot of make-up posts recently.

    Gem, so true, and everything else in the range is the same price no matter what you buy! Haha, are you broke too? We should form a club. :S

    Love Sanchia xxx


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