Sunday, 8 August 2010

How to Create: Strawberry Nails


Got a bit bored tidying my room today so decided to do a kind of guide to creating strawberry nails! Voila!

Click for larger view.

Not my best attempt at the stawberries but you get the idea!

I've spent way to much time trying various nail art designs over the holidays! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my leopard print nails in the post below! I was asked if I used any nail art pens etc, I don't! All my tools are pretty much make-shift like using a opened up hair grip to do the dots with & for the black lines on the leopard design I used a cheap black liquid eyeliner (needs a top coat over it to hold!) I am hoping at some point to get some kind of kit  when I can afford it (maybe I'll try konad..who knows!) until then, I'll make do with whatever I can find!

Off to my grandparents for a BBQ now! Should be lovely!

Lots of Love, Millie

P.s. If you want any more nail art guides from either Sanchia or myself, let us know!

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  1. I tried the leopard print(yellow with pink spots) and loved it, shall be trying this next! You're starting some major trends around here...


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