Saturday, 7 August 2010

A busy afternoon.


Had a very busy afternoon today! My little sister and I were in charge on dinner so we cooked about 10 different tapas style dishes (although we ended up with rather massive portions). There was easily enough to feed 8 people so there are quite a few leftover (there are only 4 of us in my family!) We all felt so fat afterwards we decided to go for a bike ride (to the pub!) So here's what I wore...

Playsuit - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Vintage from Urban Outfitters
Cardigan - Topshop

I did have a very brief chance to paint my nails so I did a quick leopard print!

Green - Sparkle & Fade (UO)
Lilac Dream - Models Own
Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
3-in-one top/base/gloss - Models Own
Been trying out some different make-up looks from the Vogue make-upbook in an attempt to be actually able to do make-up! I think I'm getting better. Will be a long time till I have the skills of Sanchia! (check out the amazing smokey eye below!) 

That's all for now! I'm going to try and have an early night. Just looked through my diary and the last time I got to bed before 11.30pm was nearly a month ago! I need my sleep!

Lots of Love, Millie xxx


  1. Wow Millie - you did an incredible job on your nails!! I'm so impressed, I can barely color inside the lines compared to this. Rompers are so perf for bicycling - hope you had a good ride!

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. Wow, nice nail art! How did you do the lines so well? Did you use nail polish pens?


  3. I did a leopard print tutorial the other week, before I revamped my blog that is. It looks good, I love the colours!

    Please take a look at my brand new blog, Fashion Stereotype I'd really appreciate any feedback or advice you may have :) Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Ashley - Thanks! I literally only started messing around with nail art a few weeks ago, It's actually really easy! You just have to improvise! & Yep they are! Cycle was good although it was one of those rides where it's downhill the whole way (about 3 miles) but then uphill the whole way back. yay.

    S -I used a cheap liquid eyeliner for the lines! So easy. Stays on as long as you use a top coat!

    Daisy Kate - Thanks! & I'll go have a look!

    Millie xxxx

  5. Love the nails, did you use my tutorial? (
    I'm in the mood for tapas now... And it's only half 9 in the morning!!


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