Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Lesson Learned?

by Sanchia

I've been very aware for the last few years that I've never owned any sandals. The only shoes I ever wear in summer are ballerina pumps, brogues and the occasional wedge – all of which tend to get very uncomfortable as the weather warms up. And as for when I go on holiday ... well, that's a horror story for another time!

So I decided, as I usually do, that the internet would solve all my problems for me. After a couple of hours trawling through the usual online haunts (ASOS, Topshop, New Look, etc.), I found a link to Linzi Shoes dot com through Twitter. They have a huge range of stock and it's all very reasonably priced, so it took me all of a few minutes to place an order for myself and my mum as well! I went for the "Danna" style and my mum went for the "Kate", all the while feeling very smug that we'd discovered this site all by ourselves. (Can you see where this is going? :P)

In total our order came to £50, which included a £20 pair of sandals, a £25 pair, and also £5 delivery. The package arrived as promised three days later, and although we loved the actual shoes, my size 5s were too big and my mum's size 7s were too small. We had to pay £4.50 to return them to the company, which came out of our own pockets, but our size replacements were sent to us free of charge. Although I do now have a pair that fit and that I really do like, I'm really not impressed with the short, unapologetic email I received after e-mailing to ask them a question about delivery, not to mention the beaten-up shoeboxes that looked like they'd been used more than once already! 

I think in the future I'll be sticking to places like ASOS and Littlewoods, who know how to treat their customers and who offer free delivery and returns on all of their products. Do you have any bad experiences of online shopping? Has it put you off that website, or even online shopping altogether?

Love Sanchia (@wakeorsleep) xxx

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