Monday, 2 August 2010

It's a Charmed Life

I’m a massive jewellery fiend and have lots of lovely high street pieces (or ‘junk’ jewellery as my mum calls it!) but I’m also lucky enough to have a few special pieces and this is one of them! It was a Christmas present from my parents 2 years ago and the various charms have been given to me as presents for Christmases/birthdays since then from various friends/relatives!

• Heart: My parents put this on when they first bought the bracelet
• 18: My little sister bought me this for my 18th
• L Plate: For my 17th Birthday
• Cupcake: I’m a bit of a cupcake fiend (I had a giant cupcake for my 18th Birthday cake!)
• C: for Camilla

• Girl: Her suitcase says Globe Trotter. A present from 2 of my best friends – I love travelling!
• Snowflake: I’m part of a very keen skiing family! So lots of snowy holidays!
• Handbag: My mum calls me the bag lady because I horde so many bags!

I'm currently lusting after the tennis racket and london taxi too!

Do you have any jewellery that you treasure or that means a lot to you?

Love Millie xxx

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  1. Cool bracelet!

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