Saturday, 31 July 2010

Style Crush: Blake Lively

Blake Lively shot into the limelight when she starred as Serena Van Der Woodson in American TV Series Gossip Girl. With her subtle tan, long blonde hair and crazily long legs, she can pretty much pull off anything (I am seriously jealous!). She's worn some beautiful clothes over the past few years. I love that she keeps her outfits very classy and classic, teaming shorter skirts or bodycon dresses with a structure jacket and louboutin heels. How I wish I could have her wardrobe!

(Photo Credit:WENN)
Looking stunning in a bright pink Diane Voon Furstenberg dress.

Blake is a big fan of structured jackets.
In a Chanel Resort Dress at the 'Twelve' Premiere

Love this very classic ensemble. Love how she's kept to navys and grey clothing but introduced a little colour in the form of her burgandy bag and the soles of her Louboutin boots.

Love Millie xxx

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  1. oh my! i do love her and leighton. i love how she's a hair icon too - cause i have the same hair and do nowt! x

  2. Ahh yes. I love her & Leighton too!
    She often does the same pose which makes me laugh.
    Really great style though xxx

  3. Daniela, You're so lucky! Wish I had similar hair! My hair has no volume whatsoever unlike Blake!

    Milly, I know! It's always the hand on hip, head slightly back to the left pose!


  4. Love her! She always looks so effortless! xxx


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