Friday, 23 July 2010

NOTD: Die!

by Sanchia

Hey fashionistas! Just dropping in with today's Nail of The Day post ...

My friend Emily had a games-themed party for her 18th, so I went as a die – I even made a ring out of dice! I absolutely LOVE fancy dress parties because I'm a massive geek, so I get really into deciding what to go as and designing the costume ... right down to the nails, of course:

#129 (black) by Stargazer, Black Taxi by Nails Inc, Snow White by Models Own

(Sorry about the rubbish photo! It was taken the morning after and I was definitely the worse for wear, to which Millie can testify!)

Models Own is definitely the polish of choice for fine detail; it's slightly runnier than other makes so it's easy to manipulate and correct if you go wrong. Out of the two blacks, I definitely would recommend the Nails Inc version. I started off with the Stargazer but got so irritated with the bad consistency and uneven coverage that I had to borrow Millie's Nails Inc black to finish off!

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Love Sanchia xxx


  1. ahh, your nails look lovely! if only you had six fingers, hehe. thank-you for your question on my blog, i can't wait to answer it!

    jazzabelle. x

  2. eek, i'm so silly. i should of made it specific that i was thanking millie for her question! :)

  3. These nails are so cute - what a great idea!

  4. Thanks Erin! I obviously have too much time in these summer holidays, haha. :D Love Sanchia xxx


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