Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My Favourite Four-Letter Word

by Sanchia

I didn't have to think about it for very long: my favourite four-letter word has to be "SALE" (especially when it's in big, red capitals) closely followed by "ASOS"! Here are my spoils from the current ASOS online sale.


I snapped up this ring for £1.80 (I know, it felt like theft!) a few days ago:

The first one they sent to me broke in the package, so they replaced it with a new one the next day – and best of all, I now have a "free" ring and brooch (the broken-off top bit with a safety pin on the back)! Total win. :D

Secondly, I found this beautiful purse for just £10.80, after my 10% discount:


I'd seen it a few weeks ago but didn't have the money to get it before my holiday, and I found myself daydreaming about it more than once! (I know, I worry about myself too sometimes.) ;) It's blue and tan leather with a gorgeous (and very on-trend if I do say so myself) tassle, and enough space for my various cards, receipts, other assorted junk, etc. etc.

That's all for now; I've decided I'm going to give my debit card a break and put together a few trend edits for the next few days instead of shopping!

See you beautiful people soon ...

Love Sanchia (@wakeorsleep) xxx


  1. the purse is stunning!

  2. Thanks Lottie, and that definitely makes me feel better about my shopping addiction, haha! Love Sanchia xxx


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