Monday, 16 August 2010

OOTD: Pastel Perfect

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday – my dad went into surgery this morning so you can probably guess what a madhouse it was over here last night.

Anyway, I took a quick trip into the city to sort out my phone (still not fixed ... I'm just about ready to start climbing the walls right now), wearing this:

Knitwear: $35 = about £25, H&M New York
Belt: attached to a skirt, Primark
Tights: £3.99, Zara
Brogues: £20, New Look
Skirt, socks, earrings: H&M

I looked outside this morning and apparently we've skipped the rest of summer and autumn, and just gone straight to winter. Nice.

Love Sanchia xxx


  1. Oh I love the socks over the lace tights! As well as those feather earrings.

    And I hope your dad's ok!


  2. Saskia, thanks very much! It was just so cold ... plus I have this paranoia about getting fat ankles. (I know, it's weird.) And my dad is doing really well, all things considered. Thanks for the concern. :)


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