Thursday, 5 August 2010

How to Style: Breton Stripes

Breton stripes are a pretty integral part of my wardrobe and seem to come back every summer! I currently have a long sleeved H&M black/white top, a Navy New Look dress with white stripes and the most recent addition to my collection, a white and navy River Island tee which I picked up in the sale for £5. I always fall into the bog standard tee and denim shorts so I stuck Breton stripe into Chictopia and it threw up these gems! Some definate outfit inspiration here!

Photos from Chictopia (l-r, hklndnsfmode, calivintage, deerdairy, slumberdoll, tweet)

I had a spare 10 minutes this morning so decided to try out some different ways of styling my river island tee. I only had time to try out 3 different outfits though so will maybe have another experiment tomorrow! If you have any styling suggestions, please suggest and I'll try and give them a go tomorrow!

 Outfit 1. H&M Denim Shorts, Silence & Noise Blazer, Spanish scarf
Outfit 2. Warehouse Skirt, Urban Outfitters Belt, Dorothy Perkins heels
Outfit 3. Jack Wills Tailored shorts, Urban Outfitters Belt

Which is your favourite?

I went sailing today so wore the tee with the denim shorts and some lovely big sunnies! (although the whole look was rather ruined by my lifejacket.)

I also painted my nails in a nautical theme. However it failed spectacuarly. (especially my first attempt at a red ensign (a sailing flag) so I then tried a Union Jack which is also pretty terrible! Sorry about the dodgy painting too, I forgot to take another picture this morning having sorted it all out!

So any breton styling suggestions? Would me hugely appreciated!

Lots of Love, Millie xxx (@allcamillawrote)
P.s. I got the vogue make-up book out of the library earlier in an attempt to improve my terrible make-up application skills...I hope it works!


  1. wow great experimenting. i like outift 1 the best. THanks for the inspiration! :D

  2. I love breton tops. My favourite is the first one (I love tailored looks). I've got another suggestion though, how about over a maxi dress? I do that sometimes.


  3. ah you cant beat a good stripe great pictures!


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