Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Country Life.

Heya, Just a quick post of a few photos from a country walk and cycle a few weeks ago...

(I'm on the left!) Miss Selfridge Playsuit, Topshop Cardigan, Aldo Gladiators
Hollister green tank, A&F shorts
(Credit to my friend for the photos!)
As much as I enjoy summery country adventures like these, I'm a city girl at heart and can't wait to move into a city when I go to university in September.

On another note, stocked up on a few haircare products today, I'm currently trying out the Aussi haircare volume boost range, I haven't seen a massive difference yet but it's a good shampoo so I decided to try their conditioner as well. Also bought another bottle of batiste dry shampoo. I literally depend on this stuff! It's a lifesaver! Seems I'm not the only fan too, whilst reading the Elle runway edit from the september issue, Luke Hershon (hairstylist at NY Fashion week) mentions in an interview that he can't get through NY fashion week without it!

Lots of Love, Millie xx


  1. I've used Batiste at festivals but I don't think I could use it everyday! I'm fussy, I like my hair to be freshly washed haha.


  2. I'm the same! I wash my hair everyday! I literally can't cope without my morning shower! It's just that my fringe hates me! Especially after sport (which I do quite a lot!) xxx

  3. great post ! you look like you're having a great time !


  4. Haha, nice pictures!


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