Saturday, 21 August 2010

Back To The Future?

I feel like I'm going backwards in a few aspects of my life at the moment, but for style purposes I'm going to avoid that word and say "retro" instead!

My first slice of retro is this beautiful pair of Converse All Stars:

EEK disgusting iPhone photos!

I can't believe I'm writing this, but they cost me a grand total of nothing, thanks to the beautiful people who work at Rubber Sole. If the massive choice and free next-day delivery on their site wasn't enough to draw me in, these high-tops were slashed from £45 down to £18, causing mild euphoria for the teenager in me who has coveted a pair of genuine Chuck Taylors since the grand old age of thirteen! I'm itching to clash these with the Liberty-print tea dress in my imaginary wardrobe, but for now I've settled for my favourite knee socks rolled down to my ankles. Unlike my last shoe-related online venture, these actually fit me properly, are super-comfortable to walk around in (Woolrich, don'tcha know) and look exactly like the picture on the website ... I have a couple of things to say, which are: HALLELUJAH for a website you can actually trust, and HALLELUJAH for a pair of flat ankle boots that look like they will actually last!

(Before I forget, using the code 'goddess' for anything other than Havaianas and Fitflops will get you 10% off your order, and following them @rubber_sole can win you a competition or two from time to time.) You can also see Millie's pick here.

Secondly, I'm moving back to London! Some of you may have read my previous post about missing my offers for uni – I managed A*A*A*A*A, which apparently was not enough for Cambridge or Warwick, but I went into clearing and eventually got myself a place at Queen Mary, University of London. I'm really, really upset about not making the grade for my first choices, but the massive upside of QMUL is that I get to go back to the capital! I lived in the south-west until I was eleven, and now I have a chance to really get to know the north-east. I cannot tell you how excited I am ... Norfolk has its merits but I still miss life in the city, and I'm sure that being based in the style capital of the world will have obvious benefits for the blog, too!

The final hit of backwardness "retro" in my life is my new haircut: it's just layers. Again. (No photos, since it's nothing exciting, but I'm sure you'll see the difference in my future OOTDs.) I kept telling myself I'd do something crazy like dying the bottom half electric blue, but when it came down to it I just wasn't brave enough to take the plunge! Then again, I'm young, and there's still time ...



  1. It will be awesome living in London!
    And i LOVE these shoes, not sure i would be cool enough to wear them though haha

  2. I really hope so! Thanks Alex – haha, I know what you mean about the shoes being tool cool to wear, after I took those photos I spent an age on Chictopia looking at all the cool street-stylee people enviously! :D


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