Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nail It.

By Millie xx
I'm a tiny bit of a nail varnish fiend. And now the summer holidays have arrived I've had plenty of time to mess around with my nail varnishes. So I thought I'd show you some of my very amateur creations! I was inspired by some of Gemfatales nail art tips and also LaurenLovesShops nail art competition which I'm trying to create an entry for!

So first attempt at Strawberry nails! (They were a day old at this point so a little worse for wear!)
(Nails Inc Mayfair Mews, Sparkle & Fade Mint Green and Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemon)
(Tip: I used the plastic bits at the end of a straightened hair slide to do the dots)

Then at the beach I had a go at tribal and pop art!
Tribal: Barry M Pink Flamingo and Natural Collection tip whitener Pop-art: Models Own Lilac Dream (& white as before) - I did the black with my liquid eyeliner!

A little rough round the edges but my nail varnishes had gone a bit sticky as it was so hot! Done on the beach too so the odd bit of sand mixed in!
Then finally for my school leavers ball, I went for gold! I love that we can now get Models Own in Norwich, such lovely nail varnishes. Would definately recommend! I also put a little black tribal print on one nail to liven it up a bit! The other hand is Sanchias who went for black with green and gold dots!
Gold Digger by Models Own

Have you tried out any nail art? I really want to get some nail art pens so I can experiment a bit more! Any recommendations?
lots of love,
Millie xxx


    and loving the experimental nail varnish post!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog!

  2. I've tried leopard print and strawberry designs a few times, always looks great! At the moment I'm wearing pink with glitter top coat! I love your metallic gold nails!

  3. Jeez, your nails are just truly AMAZING!!! i seriously dont have a steady-enough hand to do it, but it looks soooooo amazing, tres jealous right now!


  4. oh, your tribal and pop art nails are just so cute! love, jazzabelle. x


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