Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Festival Time.

So while Sanchia has been sunning herself in florida, I've spent a long weekend living in a tent at Latitude festival. (My first ever festival!)

Beinga festival virgin, I of course ended up taking far to much stuff.

My (annotated)packing list!

  • Dresses x 2 (didn't wear either was too windy!)
  • Oasis Playsuit (wore for one day)
  • H&M denim shorts. Definately my new festival staple. Wore them for 3 of the 4 days with different tops. Wore with my UO plaited brown belt.
  • Topshop Coral crop top - perfect for the weather as kept my shoulders covered (I burn very easily) but was nice & cool!
  • River Island striped top - picked this up for £5 in the river island sale and went well with the shorts and my hunters
  • Navy hunter wellies - love these so much.
  • Aldo gladiator sandals - bought these last year and have worn them so much since. I love the detailing on them and we don't have an Aldo in Norwich so have never seen anyone else wearing them!
  • flipflops - great for morning shower/toilet trips!
  • Pack-a-mac - Came in useful during a thunderstorm!
  • Bags - Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, UO satchel and Topshop mini satchel.
But my definate fashion staple? Batiste Dry Shampoo. So useful. Absolutely love this stuff. Such a hair saver!
So on to the festival itself. Was amazing! A great mix of music, comedy, poetry, arts and fashion! Highlights were definately Florence & The Machine, Matthew P, Lissie, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Son, Noah and The Whale, Josh Radin, Mark Watson, Phil Jupitus and the Chelsea & Central St Martins graduate fashion show. I'll definately be going back next year!

The Graduate Fashion Show - the runway went across the lake!

Was hoping to meet up with Milly who runs the lovely blog mlle_milly (definately worth a look!) but my phone ran out of battery so I couldn't contact her! (very annoyingly!)
So now I'm no longer a festival virgin, what are my tips?
  • the lighter you pack the better - we had to lug all our stuff a fair way and my shoulders were killing the next day!
  • Wear your heaviest items there/back!
  • Picking a staple like denim shorts is a great way to cut back on the number of clothes you need as you can just take a few items to match!
  • Pick a bag big enough to fit a bottle of water, programme and raincoat in.
  • Charge your phone well or take a spare phone you can put your sim card into (I ran out after 2 1/2 days - not good!)
  • dry shampoo!
  • don't take too many accessories. I wore the same necklace/gold cuff every day (I did have some earrings but the wind was so strong, they both broke off!)
So have you been to any festivals this year? What's your festival style? Any tips to share?

Love Millie xxx


  1. Ooo great tips. I lost my festival virginity this year to Lovebox. It was a London one, so I didn't fully experience the whole tent part (which I'm dying to do). I wore a playsuit and it seemed that the majority of girls there were in denim shorts and playuits.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Lovebox looked good!

    & Yep was exactly the same at Latitude! Loads of playsuits/jumpsuits, denim shorts and harem pants!
    The tent bit was pretty fun but coming back to a double bed was definately nice! xxx


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